December 2020
To all stakeholders

Quantum-resistant blockchain

The potential for industrial innovation

Dear friends:
Looking back, Japan had many world-class inventions such as the Walkman and iMode. Unfortunately, however, it is now a country behind iPhone, Android and Huawei. Please take advantage of the fact that I, as a Japanese, have secured a number of patents and copyrights that support the quantum-resistant blockchains.
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A fatal problem that occur when operating a blockchain

Problem 1:
Since the public key does not have the quantum resistant, it is possible to calculate the private key data. The computing power of quantum computers can steal the crypto assets of others and turn them into their own.
Satoshi Nakamoto used an anonymous public key as a means of cutting off the flow of information.
Problem 2:
Hackers can steal online private keys directly without using the huge computing power.
A password limits access, but cannot cut off the flow of online private key information.
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